Best Cardio to lose Belly Fat

Did you know that your genes can determine where your body stores fat? For some people, the fat goes to the belly. Your genes, however, do not have to determine your destiny. You have the chance to change how you look and have the fat distribute evenly throughout your body.

The best cardio to lose belly fat will help you. But you have to combine that with healthy eating and a change of lifestyle.

Why Burn Belly Fat?

Belly fat increases as we age. As muscle mass decreases, fat increases and settles along the waistline. The fat can make you feel self-conscious or make it difficult to fit your favorite clothes. Worse yet, the fat is not healthy for you. Some conditions are associated with belly fat including:

• High blood pressure
• Breathing problems
• Type 2 diabetes
• High cholesterol
• Heart disease

To stay off these risks, you need to burn the belly fat. Fat comes in three forms; subcutaneous, visceral, and intramuscular. Visceral fat is what sits in between your organs and forms belly fat. Even if you have a healthy BMI, visceral fat can cause a host of body problems.

It is not easy to target your belly for weight loss. However, you can do cardio workouts to lose weight overall. To keep heart disease at bay, you need to exerciser at least 200 minutes a week. This means that you have to exercise at least 40 minutes a day. Cardio workouts include exercises that raise your heart rate for an extended period of time.

How Does Cardio Workout Help?

Aerobic exercises, whether moderate or intense can help you lose belly fat. The exercises involve anything that is repetitive and hard enough to keep your heart pacing for at least 20 minutes. Such exercises challenge your heart and your lungs to use up visceral fat as a source of energy to provide the energy needed for the workout.

These exercises include rowing, cycling, walking, and running. You can vary these exercises to target the body’s largest muscle groups. During aerobic exercises, the body combines fat and oxygen to provide the energy needed to keep up with the workout.

Engaging in moderate intensity exercises, at 50-75 percent MHR (Maximal Heart Rate) will burn more fat, but it might not help you lose belly fat in the long run. As such, you need to engage in HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) combined with low intensity training to lose fat.

Engaging in cardio workout will not only help burn body fat, but will also:

• Strength the muscles needed for respiration to help with enhancing your lung function
• Increase the number of red blood cells in your body for faster oxygen transportation in your body
• Strengthen the muscles of your heart to enhance its pumping efficiency
• Reduces the stress and the tension in your muscles to enhance your mental well-being
• Increase your self esteem
• Increases circulation of blood throughout your body

Should You Go For Lower-to-Moderate Intensity or High-Intensity Training?

Lower-to-moderate intensity cardio workouts have less impact on your joints. This makes them ideal for overweight and obese people. The exercises also burn fat directly, and you can use them for a long time. If you engage in more intense training sessions, you can use low-intensity training as a way to recover.

High intensity workouts will burn more fat and more total calories than low-intensity training. The workout increases your metabolic rate during and after training, so you need more energy that comes from fat. Better yet, the exercise offers more benefits such as increased endurance, strength, and performance in athletic activities. If you need to prevent osteoporosis, intense exercises can help you.

Different Exercise Methods and How They Help You Lose Belly Fat

Your training goals will determine the type of aerobic exercise that is good for you. The best cardio workout for you should be one that you enjoy and is effective in burning fat.


Walking burns between 300 and 400 calories per hour. For a long time, most people have trusted walking as a means to burn belly fat and stay healthy. However, if you have a lot of belly fat that you need to burn, this workout is one of the least effective.

If you are a beginner, obese, or have joint conditions that make it hard for you to exercise, walking is great for you. Walking is a low-intensity exercise that will not burn as much fat as running or other high-intensity workouts. The lower the intensity of workout, the less the fat you burn. If someone cycles fast for 15 minutes and another walks at a moderate pace for 45 minutes, the one who cycles might lose more fat.

When you walk, your metabolism will increase for one or two hours after the exercise. This is a short time compared to high-intensity exercises that increase metabolism for 24 hours or longer after the exercise.

When is walking necessary:

• When an obese person needs to lose weight and other methods are not appropriate
• When one is injured and they can only engage in low-intensity training
• When one needs to recover from strenuous high-intensity workouts
• As a warm-up when one needs to engage in high-intensity training

For a beginner, you can create a simple walking program where you walk at least three times a week. Each walking session should be between 20 and 45 minutes. You should walk briskly to achieve the best results.


Running is a better alternative to walking when you need to burn more belly fat. You will burn up to 600 calories for every hour you run. Note that, sprinting is anaerobic and will not burn much fat, so you have to maintain a running pace. Running is a high-impact means of losing body fat, but it increases your cardiorespiratory fitness.

Running is high-intensity and will burn more calories and raise your metabolism for longer. To have the best results, you need to jog. Jogging doesn’t make you respire anaerobically as fast as running or sprinting does. If you run fast, your body results to burning carbohydrates anaerobically as the primary fuel source.

Running works out all your lower body, but not on a larger scale. You will work out your hip flexors, quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, and gastrocnemius. This provides the whole lower body workout that you need to reduce belly fat. Your arms will also work out to burn more calories.

When should you choose running to burn calories?

When you need a high intensity exercise to burn more fat, running can help you. You will recruit more muscle fibers in your legs to give shape to your legs. Running will improve your general fitness and your athletic performance. The cardio workout will increase your metabolism for more than 24 hours. The high-impact nature of running will help prevent osteoporosis.

You should run for at least three times a week for at least 20 minutes per session.


Cycling is as effective as running. It burns about 600 calories every hour. Unlike running, cycling is a lower impact workout, which makes it ideal for most people. Although it is easy on your joints, people with certain injuries will still not be able to cycle.

You can cycle indoors on a stationary bike, or you can cycle outdoors. Cycling indoors means you will have less distractions, and you can concentrate on burning belly fat. On the other hand, cycling outdoors allows you to explore nature.

With cycling, you can adjust the resistance level to meet your workout goals. When using a resistance bike, you can adjust the intensity to a higher level to achieve HIIT. If you are a body builder trying to lose belly fat, cycling will help shape the frontal quad muscles.

There are three reasons why one would consider cycling as a cardio workout:

• When you need a low-impact high-intensity workout that burns belly fat
• When you need to improve your fitness and athletic performance
• When you need to carve detail into your quads

Your cycling program as a beginner should include at least three cycling sessions every week, each session at least 30 minutes.


Rowing is one of the ways to work out your entire body. It is a high-intensity form of exercise that helps you burn body fat fast. As a form of exercise, it is of higher intensity than walking and lower impact than running. It also burns more calories per hour than running or walking. Each hour you row, you burn 840 calories.

You can choose rowing if you need to burn more calories than you do when you run or cycle. It is also great when you need to work out all your body parts. Being a low-impact and high-intensity workout, your joints are safe, and you will burn a lot of fat. With rowing, you will improve your fitness and your athletic performance.


Swimming burns around 600 calories every hour. It provides total body workout and burns a high number of calories. Like rowing, swimming is a high-intensity and low impact workout. Again, swimming is unlike other forms of exercise where chances of injuries are high. The weightless environment (water) means that you will less likely get injured.

You can use the freestyle stroke to workout, but if possible, use different strokes to exercise different muscle groups. When you change the intensity of the workout, you will exercise more muscles.

Swimming comes in handy when you need to:

• Reduce the chances of an injury as swimming is a low-impact form of exercise
• Work all your body muscle groups
• Improve your athletic fitness
• Burn more calories and increase your metabolism for longer

Jumping Rope

This is a simple exercise to lose belly fat for men and women that you can do at home. Jumping rope burns about 1000 calories per hour. However, jumping rope is a high-impact exercise, and you need to do it correctly to avoid injuries.

Besides helping you lose belly fat, jumping rope can help you shape your calves and your shoulders as it works these muscles groups. Jumping rope is harder than all other forms of cardio – it requires skill and strength. You also need to focus and be patient to achieve the results you need.

Although jumping rope is not common as an aerobic exercise, thanks to the high-impact, it can help burn more fat than other exercises. You can only use this method for shorter periods to ensure you do not get injuries on your lower leg or your hip for doing it continuously for so long.

If you master jumping rope, it can help you:

• Burn up to 1000 calories per hour
• Improve your strength, stamina, and speed
• Prevent osteoporosis


High Intensity Interval Training, HIIT, is one of the most effective ways to lose overall body fat. HIIT provides an intensive cardio workout for a short period. You do not have to exercise for 30 or more minutes with HIIT.

HIIT involves a high-intensity workout that takes place for a short period with breaks in between the workout. It raises your metabolism for longer than 24 hours, allowing you to burn more fat. Unlike regular cardio training, HIIT doesn’t put the body in the same steady state. Instead, HIIT doesn’t allow the body time to adjust to the speed. With regular cardio workout, the body adjusts to the speed and starts conserving calories.

With HIIT you change the intensity of your workout every minute and this ensures the body doesn’t get used to the same speed. You can exercise HIIT with any of the above cardio exercise.

For instance, you can cycle at a moderate to high intensity pace for two minutes then change the intensity to increase the intensity for like 30 seconds or one minute. Repeat the alternation between the moderate speed and high speed for like 30 minutes to achieve the best results. You can try the same with swimming, rowing, running, and any of the other cardio workouts.

You can use HIIT as belly fat exercise for man at home when you need:

• To increase the body’s fat burning hormones, including epinephrine and norepinephrine
• To raise your metabolism more than other forms of cardio
• To suppress the levels of insulin in your body

Ellipticals, Treadmill, and Stair Climbers

The Elliptical machine offers a great way to reduce impact on your knees and your hips. Ellipticals offer a low-impact cardio workout that helps you burn a lot of calories. Although they are not as effective as stair climbers and treadmills, they still help you lose up to 600 calories per hour. You need to go slightly above moderate pace to achieve the intense fat-burning benefits of ellipticals. You can burn more calories by switching up the intensity, resistance, and speed.

You can use a high incline on the elliptical to work out more leg muscles, including the glutes and calves. A high incline on an elliptical can simulate climbing stairs to work your quads. When working out, do not hold the rails or handles of the elliptical too tightly as it reduce your efforts.

A stair climber is another way to lose up to 600 calories per hour, working at a moderate pace. Because you have to raise your leg higher, a stair climber offers you a more intense workout than walking. It also engages more muscles of your body. With a stair climber, you can update the speed and the intensity of the workout to lose even more belly fat. If you have bad knees, avoid the stair climber as it can put a lot of pressure on your joints.

The best way to use a stair climber is to apply the HIIT principle. Here, you alternate between high intensity and moderate intensity training for about thirty minutes.

Cardio workout on a treadmill is the same as running. However, a treadmill is low-impact training and is easy on your joints. You can adjust the intensity of your workout as you need to achieve the best results.

Cardio Training Guidelines

Cardio is the best exercise to lose belly fat for men and women. However, you need to do it right for you to enjoy the benefits. During the initial training stages, you need to take the exercises slowly. This is especially important if you are overweight, obese, or you haven’t trained for a long time. Walking is the best form of exercise for beginners, thanks to its low-impact.

If you train too hard the first time, you might end up with injuries or burnout. Start small and then build your strength and endurance gradually. Before you engage in high-intensity exercise, start with low-impact and low-intensity workout to warm your muscles.

Work With a Target Heart Rate Range

Many people have discredited the fat burning zone. However, you still need to work within a target heart rate range to ensure your body is working to its full capacity. You can determine the lower and upper limits of your body’s capacity to help you plan your exercise accordingly. To have the best benefits, work out at the greater limit.

According to the CDC, your target heart rate should fall between 64 and 76 percent of your maximum heart rate for moderate intensity workout. You can estimate your maximum heart rate by subtracting your age from 220. For instance, for a 30-year-old man, his maximum heart rate is 190 (220 – 30). The target heart rate, therefore, for moderate intensity workout should be:

• Minimum (64 percent): 190 x 0.64 = 121.6 bpm
• Maximum (76 percent): 190 x 0.76 = 144.4 bpm

Vigorous intensity training can require you to go between 77 and 93 percent of your maximum heart rate. If you train below the target heart rate, you will achieve only minimal results. If you work out above the target heart, you might suffer injuries.

When is Cardio Enough?

How long should you exercise and at what intensity? Cycling a stationary bike can be good belly fat exercise for man at home, but how do you know you have done enough?

If you try to achieve too much on one day, you might have a negative effect. As such, your sessions need to be no longer than one hour for someone who is in good health. If you exercise for longer than an hour, you could suffer repetitive strain injury. You will also burn a lot of muscles, which will lead to a lower metabolism and consequently less fat burned. If you combine cardio with weight training, you need to ensure that you do not overdo cardio.

To get the best results, you need to plan your time, intensity, and duration. The three variables change, depending on your work out goals and the stage of your workout.

If you only want to lose belly fat and stay fit, you could set the intensity between 70 and 85 percent of your MHR, the frequency should be at most four times a week, and the time would be between 45 minutes and one hour.

You need to take lots of water before the exercise, during the exercise, and after the exercise. You will lose a lot of water during the exercise in the form of sweat. If you work out in the heat and sweat a lot, you might end up dehydrated and, consequently, this affects your performance. Granted, you need to keep a water bottle handy.


It is not possible for you to lose belly fat alone without losing fat on other body parts. Cardio workouts will help keep you in great shape. The type of cardio that best helps cut belly fat varies from one person to the next. To get the best results, you need to pick a method that works to your advantage. Besides choosing the best cardio, you need to learn how to work out right.

For instance, if you choose a treadmill as the best belly fat exercise for man at home, you need to balance the time, frequency, and intensity to get the best results. Again, your diet plays an important role in belly fat loss. If you do not eat healthy, you may never lose the belly fat even with strenuous cardio.

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