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If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best compact home gym is, then I’d recommend the Fusion Motion Home Gym as the best one.

If you want to work out at home, but have a limited amount of space, I recommend that you invest in a gym. As the name suggests, a gym incorporates multiple pieces of gym equipment into one convenient machine or system that allows you to participate in strength and resistance training.

What is a Compact Home Gym?

A compact home gym includes many of the same components as larger, more traditional gym equipment. Many models rely on resistance bands or rods, weights, cables, and pulleys to create and vary the intensity of your workouts.

You can choose from stand-alone units that you assemble for use in your home, or choose a portable gym that you can take with you when you travel.

Things to Look for The Best Compact Home Gym

I recommend that you look for that can help you achieve your fitness goals. While resistance bands and rods help tone and shape existing muscle, heavier weights help you build muscle.

I think a well-constructed home gym should provide stability during your workout. Look for models made with heavy-duty plastics, steel parts, and thick tension cables. These components tend to last longer and help create a safe workout environment.

Switching out resistance bands, adding or decreasing weight, and adding accessories to your home gym should require little effort on your part. Find a home gym that you can adjust easily to get the most out of your workout.

Health Benefits of Strength and Resistance Training

I’ve read that strength and resistance training provides many health benefits including:

  • Manage blood glucose levels – when you build muscle, you provide additional space to store glucose. Your body needs glucose to stay active, so the more you exercise, the better your body can store and replenish its glucose supply.
  • Improve balance – build stronger muscles, bones, and joints to help maintain proper balance throughout your life.
  • Increase bone density – weight-bearing exercises like weight lifting and resistance training help increase bone density. Strong bones help support your muscles and improve your posture.
  • Increase muscle mass – if you don’t exercise muscles often, you will lose muscle mass. Decreased muscle mass can make completing easy daily tasks much more difficult. Strength and resistance training makes your muscles strong.
  • Improve your mood – regular exercise boosts hormone production to improve your mood.
  • Manage your weight – regular exercise helps you maintain healthy body weight. Maintaining a healthy body weight improves heart function, boosts your immune system, and helps prevent you from developing diseases like diabetes.

If you have a medical condition or injury that prevents you from engaging in high-impact cardio workouts or weight training, I would recommend using resistance bands or rods to exercise safely.

If you want to exercise more often, but you don’t want to start out lifting heavy weights, use resistance bands. As your strength increases, you can increase the resistance band tension for a more challenging workout. You can also increase the sets and number of reps you complete to get more from your exercise routine.

Engaging in strength and resistance training on a regular basis creates a sense of accomplishment. This feel increases your self-esteem – another wonderful health benefit! By using a gym, you will discover many other small health benefits that make regular exercise rewarding and fun.

What Muscle Groups Can I Target with Compact Home Gym?

With a compact home gym, you can target a variety of muscle groups such as your arms, back, chest, abs, legs, and shoulders. Versatility remains one of the best qualities.

Create an exercise routine that targets multiple muscle groups at once to get a full-body workout. Working out three days a week for 30 minutes per day ensures you benefit from strength and resistance training. If you want a challenge, increase the resistance or weights, or add an extra workout day to your schedule.

What Types of Exercises Can I Do?

Types of exercises you can perform using a gym depend on the model you purchase.

Common exercises include:

  • Deadlifts
  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Resistance push-ups
  • Bicep curls
  • Leg extensions
  • Ab twists
  • Chest flys
  • Chest presses

This list represents just some of the many exercises you can perform using a gym.

How to Use a Compact Home Gym Safely

Perfecting your form will help keep you safe from injury while allowing you to enjoy a fruitful workout. Make sure resistance bands and rods fit securely in place before engaging in any exercises. Use safety equipment such as wrist and ankle straps to help keep your body in alignment while working out.

Many gyms have instructional manuals with pictures to demonstrate how to perform specific exercises. Use these manuals to perfect your form.

If you have an existing injury, consult your physician before using a gym.

Top 5 Best Compact Home Gym

If you have the chance, please read the other reviews I’ve posted below as they will give the information you need to make the decision.

Fusion Motion Home Gym

The Fusion Motion Gym is one of the gym that includes all the components you will need to get a complete workout or when traveling. This gym features a lightweight folding base with a handle for carrying and a convenient storage bag to keep the accessories in one place.

Increase the intensity of your workout by switching out the resistance bands. Attach the ab roller for a core workout, or use the Fusion bar to perform squats. Each accessory allows you to perform a variety of exercises.

I really like all the accessories that come with this home gym:

  • One door anchor
  • One ab roller wheel
  • Two dynamic pulse attachments
  • Two standard resistance bands
  • Two strong resistance bands
  • Two static handles for push-ups
  • Two grip handles for pull-ups
  • One Fusion bar/squat rack
  • One training guide that includes 200 exercises

Kinelo Fuel Pureformance Home Gym

The Kinelo Fuel Pureformance features an oversized tube construction and a powder coat finish. Multi-functional, you can go from one exercise to the next with ease. With a 125-pound weight stack, this machine allows you to challenge yourself.

With this machine, you can perform chest presses, leg presses, lat pulldown, pec deck, leg extensions, and much more.

Additional features:

  • Foam padding
  • Powerglide pulley system
  • Allows for up to 260 pounds of resistance

Unit dimensions: 57.09 inches long by 38.58 inches wide by 78.35 inches high

Gold’s Gym XRS 50 Home Gym System

The Gold’s Gym XRS 50 Gym System features a 112-pound vinyl weight stack capable of producing 280 pounds of resistance for a total body workout.

This combination machine features a chest press/fly station with pec deck, butterfly arms, and a leg extension. This machine also features a high pulley for working out your back muscles and lats; and a low pulley for workout your leg muscles and glutes.

Additional features that I think are worth noting:

  • Multi-grip lat bar
  • Smooth gliding for easy operation
  • Durable vinyl seats
  • Exercise chart created by a certified personal trainer

Unit dimensions: 48 inches long by 18.9 inches wide by 16 inches high

BodyBoss Home Gym 2.0

The BodyBoss 2.0 provides a total body workout in a convenient 7-piece portable gym system. The fold-up base can hold up to 500 pounds of force. To use, clip a resistance band to the base using one of the attached anchors. Adjust the band length as necessary to increase the tension for a more challenging workout.

Some of the exercises you can perform using this gym include mountain climbers, tricep pulldown, deadlifts, squats, lunges, chest flys, chest presses, lateral raises, and many more.

Additional Features:

  • Two cloth resistance bands
  • Two handles
  • Two wrist/ankle straps
  • One collapsible workout bar
  • One door anchor with ring
  • One storage bag
  • One exercise manual with images

Unit dimensions: 34 inches long by 20 inches wide by 1inch high (unfolded); 17 inches long by 20 inches wide by 2 inches high (folded)

Bowflex Home Gym Series PR3000

The Bowflex Series PR3000 provides a full-body workout that includes over 50 exercises. Use the Quick Change Rod Power system to add or decrease tension to vary the intensity of your workout. This system provides 5 pounds to 210 pounds of resistance.

This machine, made of heavy-duty steel, provides a stable, durable platform for serious workouts. The no-change pulley system allows you to move from one exercise to another without having to stop to adjust the weight.

If you’re looking for a quality stand-alone home gym, I think one has many great features including:

  • Vertical bench press
  • Cushioned grip handles for added comfort
  • Ankle cuffs
  • Roller cushions
  • Exercise instructions with images

Unit Dimensions: 96 inches long by 78 inches wide by 83 inches high


I think a compact gym allows you to experience all the benefits of working out on quality fitness equipment without having to pay for a gym membership. With many different models to choose from, I recommend that you consider your fitness goals, space availability, and ease of use to get the best workout possible.


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